10…9…8…Countdown To A Happy New Year!


Want to end the year on a positive note and start the New Year on a high?


Have fun with these 10 countdown suggestions that will set you up for a fresh start to a Happy New Year!



Clean out 10 things you don’t need any more

Every year we accumulate a lot of clutter. How about clearing some of it out? Start with 10 items (and if the mood strikes keep going)! Donate, trash or pass along. Workspace, home or car…it doesn’t matter. Just free yourself of things you don’t need. It’s fast and easy and you will be amazed at how good it feels.



Make a list of 9 things you are grateful for

Nothing is quite as uplifting as feelings of gratitude and appreciation. This is always a good exercise but especially when thinking of the year gone by and planning the one ahead. Think of at least 9. Consider keeping the list handy and adding to it throughout the year. Gratitude encourages positive emotions and can even contribute to better health.



Write down the 8 best things you did in the past year

It’s easy to forget our many achievements or experiences (big or small – business or personal) over the course of a year. Think through the year and celebrate all you have done. Write down at least 8 but keep going if you think of more!



Take 7 minutes to look through your photos from the past year

This simple exercise will make you very happy and remind you of special moments you may have forgotten. It may even give you ideas for the following...



Make a list of 6 things you will do to make you happy in the coming year

This is different than making a resolution. Simply make a list of at least 6 things you want to do during the year that would make you feel good. Visit your great aunt, spend a day at the spa, learn to make risotto, change your hair colour, float on the lake in a canoe. Keep these on your radar by writing them down. Anticipation is a great motivator and planning ahead to be happy will help make it so!



Take a moment to compliment or praise someone

Unexpected positive comments can do wonders for the person receiving them but just as much or more for the person giving. Try it out..aim for 5 times in a week. Tell the cashier with the fabulous nail art that it looks…well fabulous. Thank your server at dinner for being cheerful. Tell a co-worker when you like something they’ve done. You will make their day…and you will feel great!



Remove 4 online interactions that drag you down

Let go of negative energy. Tired of getting emails from a subscription you made years ago but no longer read? Unsubscribe. Feel annoyed with a chronic complainer on social media? Delete the connection. It only takes a minute but the benefits are real.



Add 3 things to your resume (more if you have them)

You no doubt picked up some new skills or added to your experience during the year. Jot down everything you can think of on the most recent version of your resume so you don’t forget. Then if the coming year presents a new opportunity, updating your resume will be easy…not to mention you'll be reminded of how much you learned.



Practice your New Year’s resolution at least twice

You’ll feel great and have fun if you get started ahead of time on your New Year’s resolution. Planning to read more? Get into a book and read at least twice. Walk more? Take 2 walks. Eat better? Make 2 healthy meal choices. Sounds like a small step but this way when the New Year begins you’ve already had some success and you’ll be motivated to keep going.



Wish yourself a great New Year!

After all…you wish it to others dozens of times. Take a minute to extend the sentiment to yourself! Promise yourself to make it all you want it to be!

Think positive, practice gratitude and plan to be happy!

Then set about making it so!


Happy New Year! May it be filled with joy, abundance, good health and love...with a little adventure thrown in just to keep things exciting!



Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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