5 Warning Signs Your Ego Is Sabotaging Your Success

Everyone has an ego.

By definition it is “your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability”.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s about “self awareness” – something we all have and should cultivate. It can be a great motivator as we compare ourselves to our own expectations of ourselves or the ability of others.

However our ego can become a problem when we are no longer able to judge rationally or see beyond our own opinions.

This is when it can get in the way of our success.

Here are some warning signs that your ego might be negatively influencing your thoughts and decision-making:

  1. You don’t have a good reason for doing or not doing something other than “you don’t think it should be changed”
  1. You are threatened by good ideas coming from others and find reasons to sabotage
  1. You can’t accept constructive suggestions or criticism even if coming from a respected source
  1. You spend more of your time criticizing than praising
  1. You are resentful when someone else gets credit or praise

Any of these hit close to home?

If yes, you could be sabotaging your success.

  • First and foremost, you are likely missing new opportunities and ideas. Which of those ideas could have helped you or lead to greater achievement? Could you have built on those to make them even better?
  • Secondly, you are missing the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Continuous learning is a key element of success.
  • You are also losing out on the chance to champion and encourage others. There is enough light for everyone. Casting a shadow over someone else does not shine more light on you.
  • And last but not least you are probably unhappy. A negative mind-set is not a breeding ground for success.

Openness to new ideas, finding joy in the success of others and keeping a positive attitude will ultimately benefit not only you, but also those around you.

Keep your ego in check. Remain open to continued learning both personally and professionally.

And greater success will be yours!


Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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