7 Super-Annoying Types at Work Who Will Push You To Success

We all want success.

And we know we need to work for it.

We seek out new experiences and professional development. Practical advice from a boss or mentor is valuable on the job learning. Special courses and industry designations refine our skills.

But the greatest impact on our development, and ultimately our success, can come from the most unlikely of sources…those super-annoying people at work!

Despite being incredibly annoying, these work colleagues can teach us a great deal and set us up for success as our career grows.

We just need to be smart enough and aware enough to find the lessons that each of these annoying types can teach us.


The Competitive One

You know the type. The one who always has to be best or achieve the most? So annoying. Ever find yourself trying to keep up? Truth is that nothing pushes us harder or faster than a little competition. Most of us are wired to win and we will go the extra mile to lead the way. We should be grateful to the competitive person in our circle rather than annoyed.

Chances are they have pushed us beyond what we would have otherwise accomplished and inspired us to grow professionally.


The Arguer

While we hate these types, they can be the very best for challenging our way of thinking. “Yes” people do nothing to incite change. And change is key to our growth and development. Learn to look beyond the argument itself to the root of the message. Is there something to be learned…a new way of looking at things?

Understanding the benefits of being challenged will encourage you to always surround yourself with people who will question the status quo and keep you moving forward.


The One Who Doesn’t Like You

It’s pretty hard to think you can learn from someone who doesn’t like you. But if we are really honest and push past the fact that we are offended, does the person who dislikes us actually have a valid reason? Is there something to be learned? Something we can do differently? Perhaps not. But try looking at the situation honestly. You might uncover something interesting about yourself that could be changed to make you better.

Growing in self-awareness is an important part of professional development. Great leaders recognize how their behaviors and actions impact others.


The Terrible Boss

If you have aspirations of a leadership role, the terrible boss you have now (or have had in the past) could be the greatest influence on your professional development. While it sounds counter-intuitive, think hard about everything you recognized as detrimental to the work or the people while under the direction of this person. What did you hate most? What behaviors caused no end of stress with getting the job done? What caused you or your co-workers frustration or anger? If you know the answers to those questions then you definitely learned from the experience.

Sometimes our greatest learning comes from recognizing what we DON’T like. Chances are when you take on a leadership role you will be more successful for what you learned from that terrible boss.


The Lazy One

While we wish these folks would pull their weight, do they actually do us a favour at times? Do they put us in the position to take on new responsibilities? When a new or special project comes along, you know they won’t jump at the chance. The door is open for you. This gives you the opportunity to add to your toolbox of skills or accomplishments.

Instead of being annoyed at their laziness, secretly thank them for leaving the opportunity unchallenged so you can push forward with growing your career.


The “Stuck in The Old Way” One

These people can drive you crazy. For whatever reason they will not embrace or even consider new ideas and want to keep doing everything the same old way. If this is your boss it’s an even bigger annoyance and can leave you feeling frustrated and trapped. Don’t let them dampen your enthusiasm for progress. Use the situation as a learning experience on how to most effectively present new ideas. See if you can figure out their reasoning for resistance. Learn what DOES get their attention. Learn to present the idea in a way that engages them. Practice patience without giving up your passion.

Learning to effectively introduce and influence others with new ideas is key to so many opportunities in business (and in life for that matter). Your success is worth the time spent on this.


The Boaster

Ok so these types can possibly be the most annoying of all. And it’s not like these types are always loud and overt about their many accomplishments. Sometimes it’s just someone who constantly mentions how good they are at something or are so busy patting themselves on the back that they forget to praise others. This is another case of learning “what NOT to do” as you grow in your career and chalk up more and more successes. But is there also a lesson in self-confidence? Does the boasting bother us because we wish we were just a little more able to toot our own horn?

Speaking up with confidence about your abilities or successes is important. (Just pick the appropriate time and frequency.) Reminding others of your capabilities may open up new opportunities.


While it’s pretty unlikely that these super-annoying people will…well…stop annoying us, they may just push the buttons that spark our growth.

While everyone else is spending their time being annoyed by them, jump on the chance to learn from the opportunities they create.

Be the smart one.

A little change in perspective can go a long way toward your success.

And make you happier too!



Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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