Smart Event Planners Make The Most of a Summer Lull


Summer has a lot going for it.

Beautiful weather, long days, lunches on a patio…and with any luck a little vacation time.

Business in general seems to take on a slower more relaxed pace.

No, not everyone in the events business has a quiet summer. Fall events are right around the corner. And for those running fairs and festivals it’s crunch time. (We’re all grateful for that right? It means amazing outdoor concerts, crazy carnival food and trying desperately to whack that mole!)

But for those in events who are enjoying a summer lull and taking advantage of all this season has to offer personally...why not benefit from the down time professionally as well!

With clients away on vacation and less pressured timelines, here are some plans that will have you enjoying your time at work this summer all while getting you set for a productive and energized event season ahead.


Build lasting connections

More often than not, supplier meetings happen when the pressure is on and time is tight. This makes it all too easy to just recycle the last order. Why not plan to meet over lunch in a more relaxed atmosphere to brainstorm ideas for your next event? Suppliers have a broad range of experience with events of all scope and size. It can be enlightening to tap into their expertise. It’s also a great way to build lasting business relationships. Another idea is to meet with potential new suppliers while the pressure is off. See what they have to offer with an eye to future opportunities.

In the same vein we often don’t have a lot of time to really connect with co-workers and colleagues. Make a point of going to lunch or coffee for no reason at all other than to just catch up, open the lines of communication and get to know someone a little better.

You never know when those efforts to build a more meaningful connection can pay off.


Take a screen break

Think of how much time you spend in front of your computer. Technology is great but there is no better way to refresh your imagination, spirit and energy than to break the grip of the screen while the pressure is off.

Visit that new venue you have been meaning to see. Attend summer events in search of new ideas. Meet with colleagues on a patio or in a park or by the lake.

Revitalize now and you’ll be better prepared to manage the crunch times later.


Purge and organize

There is no greater way to feel lighter and ready to take on the world than to clean up. Organize, purge or archive old files - both online and physically. Take the time to back up everything. Tidy, clean and refresh your workspace. 

These aren't anyone’s favourite jobs but if you do it while you have some breathing space you’ll thank yourself when the frantic schedule kicks in.

Make it more fun by getting everyone involved on the same day with a promise of drinks on the patio at the end of it all!


Catch up on reading

You know those dozens of articles you bookmarked for a later time? Or the business book you’ve wanted to get to? Or the industry magazines you haven’t even had time to open? Remember how you promised yourself you’d get to them when you weren’t so busy? Now’s the time! There can be valuable insights in those pages.

Best of all…catch up on your reading outdoors!


Brainstorm with the team

Brainstorming is a great exercise any time but can be even more fun and energizing when the pressure is off.

Looking for a solution to a particular challenge with your event? Or more generally some new ideas for features or speakers or themes? Get the team together and have some fun tackling an issue or coming up with new ideas. It’s a great way to get everyone engaged and to kick-start the busy season ahead.

Best of all…you guessed it…do it outdoors! You’ll be amazed how changing the surroundings and getting out from between the walls can open your perspective.


Our lulls in the world of events are often precious and few.

If you find yourself with some down time this summer, invest in yourself both personally and professionally.

Get outdoors. Enjoy all this wonderful season has to offer.

There will be plenty of time right around the corner when you’ll be too busy to even know what season it is!




Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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