BGD Group

Located in Mississauga, Canada, BGD is an independent consulting firm with expertise in audit and assurance, tax compliance and consulting, financial and risk management, accounting and bookkeeping, and advisory & consulting. Our client base includes public and private sector companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals. BGD’s experienced advisors offer advisory and accounting services to help companies achieve their business goals and objectives. We assist our clients by identifying potential business risks and providing solutions to not only overcome those risks successfully but also turn these potential risks into opportunities. Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced advisors who help businesses to evaluate their business operations and provide valuable insights to improve operations and net profit. 

Services :
- Tax Services
- Accounting Services
- Assurance Services
- Advisory Services
- Audit Services

Business Address :
6375 Dixie Road,
Suite 400,
Ontario,Canada – L5T 2E7

Contact Us at :
Local Phone No.: (905) 676-6000
Toll Free No.: 1-855-824-3243