Regional Recreation of Wood Buffalo

The Regional Recreation Corporation of Wood Buffalo (RRCWB) was created by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) Council in October, 2012 to design, build, steward and operate several state-of-the-art community recreation, sport and event facilities and venues. The RRCWB was officially incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act on June 10, 2013.

Working in collaboration with the RMWB and with the communities it serves, the RRCWB builds upon the success of MacDonald Island Park, Canada’s largest community recreation and events experience, in order to lead and foster an approach of excellence in service delivery and facilities throughout the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, as well as supporting and enhancing initiatives already in place.

Aligned with the RMWB Municipal Development Plan, new initiatives are being developed utilizing the expertise of the entire region. As a result, the RRCWB will expand and develop services offered in cooperation with various sport, recreation and community associations to similar quality standards while adapting to suit the needs of each community. The facilities, designed to meet the needs of a growing population, encompass both those within the urban area of Fort McMurray as well as facilities in Anzac, Conklin, and Fort Chipewyan.

Alongside MacDonald Island, which includes the Suncor Community Leisure Centre, the Miskanaw Golf Club and Shell Place, and the Anzac Recreation Centre presented by Nexen Energy, a CNOOC Limited company, these future facilities will form the foundation for a new era in community recreation, sport and events in the Wood Buffalo region.