Northern leadership to create cutting edge solutions that enhance community and environmental well-being.

Making up 40% of Canada’s geographic footprint, the North is home to globally significant watersheds and over half of the country’s ocean shoreline. Dotted throughout this vast landscape are more than 90 distinct communities, from Old Crow to Nain.

The North is a place like no other, facing equally unique challenges. Its environment is being pushed to the limit from the impacts of climate change, while its communities are experiencing equally rapid social change. While strong and independent, Northerners are often isolated in tackling severe social, cultural, and economic challenges.

Our work here starts with an understanding that Northerners know best how to create durable solutions to Northern challenges. That’s why we focus on creating partnerships with the people who call Canada’s three territories and four Inuit regions home. By supporting Northern leaders and initiatives, we are helping to build a stronger and more resilient Canadian North.