It’s all about you…the Event Professional!

This site was born of a passion for the events business. But more importantly for the people that make that business happen! If you are an event professional (or hope to be), this site is for you!

Did you know that the events business in Canada is a $32.2 billion dollar (when combined with other related business such as a travel and tourism it’s $71.1 billion.)* industry employing thousands? That’s big business! And a major contributor to the economy. It touches every corner of every city and town in this great country of ours. Whether it’s a business meeting for six, a wedding for 200, a corporate convention for 800 or a festival for hundreds of thousands, everyone, everywhere participates in or attends sometimes dozens of events every year. Live events, conferences, symposiums, consumer shows, galas, golf tournaments, sporting events, trade shows, weddings and parties…they are all part of this great industry we event professionals love so much.

This site is for all the people behind every detail in making those events a success. From strategic planning through final reconciliation, thousands of dedicated professionals put in endless of hours to ensure that every event, large or small goes off without a hitch. This site is all about supporting excellence in those individuals as they go about their business of delivering the best events possible. Because like every other business it’s really all about the people!

Oh yes there are lots of sites out there that will help provide information about event execution, but this site is about supporting the business skills and promoting excellence in the people who deliver them! (And yes ultimately that means excellence for the events too!) Countless event professionals are working independently. Many are small business owners. Still others are part of larger organizations. EventsWork is a resource to encourage excellence and professional development though event related jobs, career resources, people skills enhancement and the promotion of best practices. Our focus will be on professional growth and the personnel challenges of those working in the event industry.  

And in this site, it doesn’t matter what stream of the events business you are in. I acknowledge that often the various specialties of the event industry are viewed as quite different even within the ranks. Special event folks don’t necessarily know the tradeshow folks and visa versa. The corporate producers may not meet with festival organizers. But for all the know-how required for any one of those, I’d argue that there are far more similarities in the individual and personnel skills than there are differences. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to take anything away from anyone. Specialty skill sets are to be respected and are important. I’m just saying that if you look overall at the competencies and characteristics of an event professional no matter what stream they are in there are many commonalities. Ability to multitask, excellent communication and people skills, creativity, exceptional attention to detail, organized, fiscal expertise, energetic, patient, willing to work long hours, and very, very resourceful!

Chances are if you are employed in this business you have found yourself looking for a job…or looking to hire someone….or both. And it can be very frustrating. General job sites can be inconsistent with search results (ever found yourself reading software development job descriptions when you’ve searched on “events”?) and often listings are out of date. One would have to scan dozens of sites in hopes of finding many job postings. And employers are often very limited in their options for ad placements. Now there is EventsWork. By providing a specialized site for event jobs and career information, the event industry has a central hub where great employers can find great people! And great people can find the event jobs and resources to support their career development.

Whether you are just getting started in the events business, advancing your career, searching for something new or looking for that next great hire, we hope you’ll find what you are looking for here! All job postings will be reviewed for appropriateness to ensure that the only positions you will find here pertain to the industry. Check back often for our ongoing content updates . Learn from industry leaders and relevant subject matter experts as we tap into their expertise and share their experiences, advice and formula’s for success!

This site is for you…the event professional. And we’d love to hear from you! If you have any suggestions, comments or topics you’d like covered please let us know! Drop us a note anytime at




Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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