Finish the Year With a Flourish (and Break Out the Stilettos)


It’s the final month of the year. Hard to believe 11 months have come and gone. Just one to go!

December may be last month but it can be pretty great. For many it's full of holiday celebrations, the first snowflakes herald the start of another of our beautiful seasons and everyone around us seems a little kinder, a little more cheerful and a little happier.

Regular schedules are peppered with social activities. Business often becomes a bit more relaxed as our focus tends toward family and friends.

It’s a winding down of sorts. As another year comes to a close we reflect, relax and re-energize.

Instead of coasting to the end, how about finishing the year off with a flourish!

Why not step into December with the intent to make it fabulous both personally and professionally! Why not use December to feel awesome about what you have accomplished this year…and energized to welcome a new one.

Here we go…

  • Review your business plan for the year and see how you are doing. If you are right on track, great. If you have a few things that have fallen by the way side it’s not too late! There is still a full month in which to catch up. Do one thing today. Finish the year strong. It will make the start of next year even sweeter!
  • Use December to tidy up loose ends. Is there a phone call, appointment, meeting or tough conversation you’ve been putting off? Get it done. Take care of something that has been nagging at you for a while and don’t carry it in to the new year.
  • Get a jump on January! Is there something that you plan to do early in the new year (even one thing) that you could start now?  This may seem like a small trick but it’s all about mind set. Think of how energizing it will feel to be already accomplished and one step ahead when the new year begins.
  • Reconnect with an old colleague or friend…or both. It’s so easy to lose touch with friends when we are busy throughout the year. And maintaining solid business relationships requires effort. Use this last month of the year to reach out and re-build relationships. Don’t wait for them to connect. You take the first step.
  • Clean up your desk or bookshelf or that odds and ends drawer you’ve been meaning to. Refreshing your workspace will help clear the way for the new year ahead. We often don’t realize how clutter around us also can clutter our thinking!
  • Speaking of clutter, the last month of the year is a great time to clear out our tech tools as well. Clean out old emails, delete the unnecessary (or “best not to keep”) pics on your phone and even some of the old file folders of you no longer need.
  • Ramp up your networking while at business holiday festivities and year-end gatherings. Connect with someone new and set a meeting or a call for the new year. Reconnect with a supplier or colleague and find out what’s new! If you are job-hunting this can be a great time to meet new people.
  • There are probably people in your life that would just love to spend some time with you…family and friends. Make it happen in December. Those of us in the events industry often run irregular and chaotic schedules that have us missing personal social time. Reconnecting with those most important to us is great for our well being. Pay those folks the same attention as you do your work.
  • Take off your planner hat and enjoy. Yes there is a good chance you’ll end up at an event or two (or twenty) and looking out to see if every detail is perfect can be an occupational hazard. This is especially true for social events with friends. Don’t criticize if they haven’t done it all “just right”. While it’s always good to keep an open mind to new ideas or venues or eats, it’s even nicer to just attend and enjoy! Be a good guest!
  • Reflect on all you have accomplished and learned this year. Write it down. It’s a great way to acknowledge what you have done and to give context and meaning to a year that has flown by. It also serves to remind you of just how awesome you are! Writing down your business accomplishments is also a great way to keep track for resume updates or performance discussions. It takes discipline to do this but it is worth it! If you have trouble remembering everything from this year, just imagine what it would be like in three years.
  • Take time for you. Refresh and re-energize for the start of a new year. Don’t over commit and don’t feel the need to say yes to every invitation. Do whatever makes you feel happy, enriched and relaxed. Connect to your spirituality, spend a day at the spa, or laze in bed for a day reading and napping. Sometimes an afternoon chat over a cup of tea with a friend or a walk in the woods is all it takes to put the world right.

Whatever you do, intend to make December the best month of the year. Don’t rush your way through it and avoid making yourself miserable from over-committing. Clean up unfinished business and annoying clutter. Reconnect with business colleagues. Spend time with the people you love.

Be good to yourself.

Imagine going into next year feeling energized, optimistic and refreshed.

Finish up this one strong and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

And finally…

Girls break out the stilettos!

We in the events business regularly live in flats and other footwear that is more about comfort than style just to keep our feet happy. And if we aren’t dressed in our “uniform” of basic black we’ve probably just changed out of move-in jeans in time for the event opening with whatever we grabbed last minute from the closet. Use the social events in December to pull out the designer duds and 6-inch heels. Have fun and enjoy fussing over yourself instead of everyone else.

It will make you feel fabulous and your year will certainly end with a flourish!


Post by Margaret Johnston,

As a career event professional, Margaret brings valuable insight and knowledge to the recruitment, management and development of high-performance teams for the event industry. A strategic and inspiring leader, Margaret has held executive roles for several global event management companies and key roles in the start up and orchestration of many high profile and international events.


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