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  • Sep 13, 2019
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Events Coordinator - Lincoln Park


PostedSeptember 12, 2019

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  • Chicago, IL, USA

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Brooklyn Boulders opened on September 9, 2009 in Gowanus, built out of the old Daily News Garage with a passionate group of early adopters. From there, an incredible community was born, and we realized we had something special on our hands- BKB was more than a climbing gym, it was a second home for many to bring their passions to life. Each Brooklyn Boulders thereafter became an improved iteration, and we’re continuing to innovate to inspire people to live their best lives possible, through physical potential, arts and culture, innovation and diversity.

We live and breathe our core values - they are the heart of what makes Brooklyn Boulders.


GET WEIRD           Be yourself. BKB is your creative playground.

CO-CREATE           Trust your team. Results are stronger when we collaborate.

BE RELENTLESS        Attitude is everything. Take risks. Fall hard. Get back up.

MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL             Create something extraordinary. Be proud to share it. Never stop improving.

MAKE IT AN OPEN HOUSE PARTY        Encourage diversity and inclusion.

WE ARE: Combining work, life, and play. We're creating and fostering a diverse community of climbers, creatives, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all under one roof. Our community is our lifeblood. Whether it's through special events, climbing classes, or everyday interactions in our collaborative workspaces, our work is motivated by our commitment to providing them with inspiring experiences and exceptional opportunities.


The Event Coordinator’s (EC) primary role is to co-create with the National Events and local management teams on the implementation and execution of the company’s event strategy.  Events will include brand activations, marketing events, and special events both in facility and offsite. The Event Coordinator will also source and manage the facility’s community groups, “BKB Crews”, as well as lead the local facility’s private events department -- contributing to ongoing product development, co-creating on budgets, increasing conversion rates of inbound leads, and managing the operations of private event bookings.  


  • Co-create and implement the facility’s annual events calendar with National Events Team.  
    • Develop annual budgets
      • Provide historical data and local, facility-specific insights to support budget creation
      • Identify opportunities for local sponsorship and partnership that influence budget projections
      • Identify BKB Crews Program expenses that impact the program’s development, reduce member churn, and support the promotion of BKB products and promotions (sales)    
    • Adhere to project timelines as directed by the National Events Team to ensure proper promotion and the highest level of engagement
      • Develop event elements that support event goals and the broader marketing strategy.  Execute on a timeline that ensures proper creative and marketing department fulfillment
        • Confirm event details with local management team and communicate all details to support team in a timely manner( i.e. date, time, and pricing)
        • Develop event activations with applicable departments and source talent, vendors, and partners that support event goals.  Communicate details to support team which aligns with timeline for proper event marketing and promotion.
        • Identify partner opportunities, co-create on partnership decks, and secure supporting partnerships on a timeline that ensures proper promotion and fulfills partnership agreement.
        • Minimize the negative impact of events on the community through properly timed content and notifications of space closures and any other impactful event elements
      • Execute and coordinate local event marketing
        • Submit newsletter and splash page content in alignment with project timelines
        • Submit facebook content to properly promote event  including posts, event creation, and proposed ad buys
        • Source and distribute physical collateral;  ensure in facility signage is presented as directed by creative and marketing support teams  
        • Share all event details with facility team to actively promote in person, in facility, at the right time  
    • Event Execution
      • Communicate staffing needs to local facility management in a timely manner to ensure proper personnel coverage
      • Create event one pager with event goals, run of show, facility maps, check in details, space closures, and staff responsibilities for event.  Distribute information in advance to ensure seamless event execution. Facilitate event walkthroughs with management team as necessary
      • Source photo and video content capture
    • Post-event analysis
      • Submit any content for social posting and newsletter inclusion
      • Report performance on defined event KPI’s including attendance numbers, local brand impressions, conversion rates, etc.  
      • Provide analysis of event strategy, marketing, operations, staffing, and any other impactful event elements
  • Manage the ongoing development, management, and execution of events for Brooklyn Boulders Crews Program in co-creation with National Events Team and local management team.  BKB Crews are member-created, member-lead, and member-driven interest groups supported by Brooklyn Boulders. Examples of Crews include: Creatives Crew, Women’s Crew, and Entrepreneurial Crew.  
    • In co-creation with the National Events Coordinator, track and present all event data
    • Submit event details as outlined above to ensure marketing and creative fulfillment
    • Co-create with National Events Coordinator on budget allocation, SOP’s,  marketing requirements, and partnership opportunities
  • Increase conversion rate and revenue for private events products
    • Create annual budget taking into account historical data and local, facility-specific operational insights and market  trends
    • Co-create on corporate outreach strategy with National Events Coordinator
    • Respond to inbound private event requests (generated from website and passed over from National Events Coordinator) within 24 hours
    • Close private event sales, generate contracts, and communicate event details in a timely manner to facilitate staffing, facility closure notifications, etc.  
    • Report product KPI’s including revenue generated, lead to booking conversion rates, and membership conversions
    • Support the National Event Coordinator in the ongoing development of product offerings and operations taking into account current client behavior, industry trends, and input from local facility event teams.  
  • Coordinate private events execution
    • Communicate staffing needs to local facility management in a timely manner to ensure proper personnel coverage
    • Liaise with client to facilitate catering through preferred vendors, book rooms, select packages, and build out any programming or other event elements including A/V, etc.


  • 2 - 3 Years of experience in event coordination and/ or events marketing
  • At least 1 Year of private events or corporate sales experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Vendor sourcing experience required.  A/V experience is a plus!
  • A true passion for events, activating brands, partnerships, and hospitality  
  • The ability to work well both independently and on a team
  • The desire to collaborate with multiple teams over several departments in different cities
  • An excellent attention to detail.  Enjoy organizing information and managing project timelines
  • A go-getter attitude to pursue leads and close deals
  • A passion for the outdoors, lifestyle brands, arts, music, creating memorable consumer experiences and communication.  Climbing experience or a love for fitness is a plus!

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING and the Event Coordinator is…


  • Resourceful
  • Relentless
  • Engaging

Though our Team Members come from a wide range of experiences and are as unique as our business, we are all united under our ultimate promise: belonging and inspiration through experiences that engage imagination, passion, and physical potential! If you're excited by the prospect of co-creating with a hard-working, driven team of individuals, we're excited to talk with you about a future at Brooklyn Boulders.

*With your application, please provide your resume and cover letter*






Community Experience




Team Player: Works well as a member of a group

Leader: Inspires teammates to follow them

Enthusiastic: Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest

Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well




Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help

Growth Opportunities: Inspired to perform well by the chance to take on more responsibility

Goal Completion: Inspired to perform well by the completion of tasks

Ability to Make an Impact: Inspired to perform well by the ability to contribute to the success of a project or the organization




Bachelors or better.




1 year: Private Event/Corporate Sales

2 years: Event Coordination/Marketing